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Cleaning Dryer Vents

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Don't forget to clean you dryer vents. Build up could cost you more.

According to FEMA, failure to clean home dryers causes 34% of home dryer fires. Home dryer fires cause $35 million in property loss and can even cause injury or death.

To reduce the risk of these fires happening in your home, SERVPRO® of Midland can help clean dryer vents and ducts that may have lint buildup. We would use our duct cleaning machine to run through the lines to get them looking new and keep you safe. 

Other tips for keeping your dryer vents clean from the National Fire Protection Agency include cleaning the lint filter before and after each load and making sure the outdoor vent flap will open and is not restricted by snow, a bird’s nest, or other potential obstacles.

For more information on cleaning dryer vents, contact SERVPRO of Midland at 432-620-0086. 

Stay safe please. 

*Courtesy of Restoration Newsline Vol 15, Iss 4

Carpet Cleaning

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Nice clean carpets for the new owener

Since 1967 SERVPRO® Franchise Professionals have been handling stains and soils of all types, from residential homes to commercial facilities. Using IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards for carpet care as a guide, a SERVPRO® Franchise Professional will walk with you through your home and guide you in the best decisions to care for your carpet. A Franchise Professional will take time to. We can show you what cleaning options would be best for your carpet’s level of soiling, give you an estimate of time and cost of the carpet cleaning, explain the benefits of soil protection, explain the advantages of a clean carpet for good indoor air quality and explain how you can help prolong your carpet’s appearance with frequent vacuuming. We use different chemicals such as: High Traffic spray and Spot Removal spray. Our machines use a heated water extraction to help remove that deep down dirt.

Duct Cleaning

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Clean Resisters with our chemicals makes them like almost new. It gives them a fresh look.

The one thing that we as home owners kinda forget about is our duct system. SERVPRO can come in and clean the duct system to help with allergies and asthma. We have the machines to properly clean the ducts and we also ensure to clean the registers before placing them back up. How our machine works is negative pressure and agitation tools are used in combination to loosen dirt and debris and remove them from the HVAC system. We are able to clean 99.9% of all the dust from your lines. Cleaning services cam be provided to help restore peak energy efficiency, eliminate offensive odors and improve indoor air quality.  We can use chemicals inside the air duct system to help keep them smelling great throughout the whole house.