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Commercial Fire Loss

Fire losses account for approximately $2.3 billion in commercial and industrial direct property loss each year.  At times you can have large-loss fires that affect buildings such as apartments, facilities, and places people work. These types of losses affect multiple lives. It can take a lot of effort on everyone's part to provide support. Here are some tips for the property owner to consider during this time.

  • Make sure everyone is safe and away from the property. Safety is the number one concern.
  • Get the community involved in helping families or workers that may be affected
  • Bring your adjuster in early to help manage things such as photos, mitigation, documenting anything they need to.
  • Analyze your policy, including all clauses, additions, extensions, and exclusions.
  • Bring in experts to check out the damages

Roof Leak

SERVPRO of Midland Texas had received this call one morning after a rain storm that we had. We showed up onsite and meet with the owner and did our walk through with him. We found that he was in the middle of replacing the roof when this particular storm hit and the rain had gotten into his utility room. We checked the floor and the walls and they are wet. We had to remove the vinyl flooring in order to dry out the sub-floor. He needed this dried out over the weekend because he had people moving into this home due to them starting work for his company Monday. We placed enough air movers and a medium size dehumidifier within the room and closed the door. We achieved his goal and had it dried out with in a couple of days. 

Water in the Hallway

This local company in Big Spring TX called us one late evening when the hot water tank gave out and flooded their hallway. SERVPRO of Midland TX responded to the scene and found water running down the hallway. The wet tile made it very slick so we knew we had to get the water up quickly. We used our special wands that has a rubber end on them not to scratch the tile floor. Once the water was removed we was able to place our air movers and dehumidifiers and get them dried out. 

Water Pipe in the Ceiling

The one thing about having the water pipes running in the ceiling is that once they break you can count on the ceiling coming down. That is the case of one of our local businesses here in Midland TX. The water line in the ceiling broke and the ceiling came crashing down. SERVPRO of Midland responded to the water mitigation for this local company and we got the insulation and water off the floor and placed our air movers and dehumidifiers in place to get them dried out quickly and proficient. 

Office Flood

Here at SERVPRO of Midland we understand the importance when your office unexpectedly floods. With our professional crew and the equipment that we have we can get your office back up and running within a few days. We use high powered extraction tools to get that water out of your carpets and with us using dehumidifier we are able to dry out your carpet without removing them or using the old ways of blowing air under them "Floating Carpet". 

Basement Flooded

The basement of this local downtown hotel had the water heater to go out. It sent several gallons of water out flooding the basement with about six inches of water. SERVPRO of Midland was called an we where able to use two different pumps to get all this water out. First we used our truck mounted extractor and we used our three inch trash pump. With both of these running we were able to get all that water out and allow the plumbers in there so they could replace the worn out hot water tank with a new and get the hotels customers back with hot water.