Fire Damage Photo Gallery

In House Cleaning

This fire happened in Big Spring Texas. We arrived on site to find that the fire was bad enough to smoke the house up. Instead of packing the house out we was able to do an in house cleaning. This is where we don't have to pack out your home we are able to clean all your affected contents right at your home. 

Ozone after the Fire

Ozone after a fire has happened is the best measure to get rid of the smell of the fire. Ozone turns O2 (oxygen) into O3, which basically destroys the odor. Once this process has began though you are not allowed entry back into the house until SERVPRO of Midland has turned off the equipment and allowed it to air out for at least 30 minutes.  

Personal Belongings after a Fire

A customer of ours here in Midland TX had a fire in her home. She was concerned about her personal belongings and what could be done to save them. SERVPRO of Midland TX arrived at her home and we did a walk through to see what could be saved. We informed her that we work well with the insurance companies and we list everything that we remove from the site and attempt to clean. Once the list was created and emailed to her she was excited that we went that extra mile to help her. 

Fire Contents

SERVPRO of Midland TX received a call from a home owner here in Midland TX that her house had burnt and she needed someone to help her with her contents. SERVPRO of Midland TX arrived at the home did our walk through with home owner. We found that her contents was still good just needed a good cleaning. We packed her contents like they where our own and brought them back to our local warehouse to get them cleaned up for her. Once her home was rebuilt and we brought her contents back she could not believe how clean they turned out and was thankful for saving her contents. 

Fire in your home

We got this call from and insured here in Midland TX that her home was on fire. SERVPRO of Midland TX arrived onsite and did a walk through with the home owner and found out what we could do for her. She could not believe how knowledgeable SERVPRO of Midland TX was and how grateful she was that we was there to help her.


Insured could not believe how fast we responded to his call. We where able to get his house packed out and then dried out very quickly. This allowed the contractors to start rebuilding his home.