Storm Damage Photo Gallery

When The Storm Enters the Basement

A basement flooded with 2 inches of water during a heavy rainstorm. Pictured is the damaged area. Our crews removed the wet carpet and pad along with the baseboards. Dehumidifiers and fans were placed to begin the drying process. 

Rising Water From a Storm

This particular home had a foundation leak that resulted in Water Damage. During a heavy rainstorm Ground water breached the back door and left damage to the kitchen and living room. 

Carpet Removal

After rising water has entered the home, unfortunately the best thing to due is remove the carpet completely. The contamination from outside water coming inside the home is never safe. The safest thing to do is allow SERVPRO of Midland to remove the carpet and have the contractors come in and replace the carpet with new. 

Rising Water

When rising water enters the home there is no room for error. The best solution to this problem is to perform a two or four foot flood cut on the drywall and allow us to place our air movers and dehumidifiers on the studs/framing to get it dried out and allow the contractors to place new drywall once it has finished drying out. 

The Night the Hail Storm

The frightful night the hail storm hit Odessa TX. The insured called SERVPRO of Midland TX the next morning and told us what had happened. We dispatched a crew straight to her. We placed a thick plastic over her windows till the contractor could replace the windows. We cleaned the glass all up so her four legged babies would not get hurt. She was very thankful for our quick response. 

Hail Damage

We received the call from a Midland TX resident after the really bad hail storm that we had. We arrived on scene and did our walk through and that the moisture levels in the carpet and walls were in acceptable range. We called our contractors and had her skylights taped within a hour or less.